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Take advantage of our affordable accommodation in Czech Canada

If you prefer historic town, take advantage of our holiday home in the Renaissance city Slavonice. The town has all amenities and a variety of tourist grateful historical monuments. You will sleep in romantic scenes of Slavonice directly under the tower. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and historical monuments Czech Canada. Slavonice city center is only a mile from the border. For our holiday home so you can easily visit places of interest in the Austrian frontier.

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Rural lovers, we offer accommodation in the middle of nature. Our Pension Klondike stands on the edge of the picturesque village Valtinov. Enjoy the tranquility of nature in Ceska Canada, where you can indulge in hiking (hiking, biking, etc.), or pick mushrooms. You do not even doing anything. - Just relax. You can swim in the pool at the house, and in the surrounding ponds (Zvule, Komornik, etc.) or at the swimming pool city Dacice (15 km) or in Hradec Henry (20 km). The tower above the village is a wonderful view of the surroundings.

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Contact us and let us know what room we have prepared for you. Of city Slavonice and from Valtinov Czech Canada can travel many diverse and attractive ways. - Walk, bike, motor transport and rail. - We are looking for local and foreign tourists and vacationers.

Czech Canada – Grateful destination Czech Republic

The author name „Czech Canada“ is native Jaroslav Ernest Trpak. This Prague journalist was one of the great promoters of his native region. No wonder he had after returning from a one-year stay in North America, a full head of North American experiences and projecting them into the land of his youth. With the growing tourism also perceived a growing interest of foreign tourists destination.

Then also came up with the statement that natural beauty is not necessary to travel abroad, but can be enjoyed in the country. For example, in 1928 the tourist uniqueness of the site wrote:

„If the [ vacationers ] once settled for a few weeks, as if fallen under the spell of the absurd. They come here every year.

Undulating terrain... in the dark hills and dense forests, looking at numerous levels, not only large ponds, but ready-made lakes framed by deep forests. And everywhere you look, everywhere shining lakes, wide rivers, revolves rivers, forested hills ranks behind endless lines.“

Synonymous Trpak Czech Canada was in the thirties of the 20th century virtually the entire region city Jindrichuv Hradec. - First Czech Republic (1918–1938) of South Bohemia Canada copying a large circle with Trpak hometown in the center. Its beginnings were part of a hypothetical, Nova Vcelnice, rain, castle Cervena Lhota, city Straz nad Nezarkou and even Trebonsko! And of course also Nova Bystrice Castle Landstejn and community Kunzak (Valtinov) With the changes in the landscape and the development of tourism after 1989 Ceska Canada term applies only to the southeastern part of the District of.

In this area also was in 1994 declared a natural park Czech Canada. For the geographic center of the modern Czech Canada is now generally considered to be the ruins of the castle Landstejn.

Czech Canada is on the border of South Bohemia and Moravia Southwest

Today Czech Canada, although not exactly the most original Trpak of Czech Canada interwar First Czechoslovakia Republic, but it is still enough to spend a delightful region of active or passive recreation. Canadian honored that character even more than originally too vast territory.

The original South Bohemian Canada and to this day preserved practically the best. - Numerous lakes valley wedged into the woods, romantic woods waiting for your adventure, possibilities for spending leisure time with your family or group of friends. It is a magical region as ideal for cycling, walking woodland walks, for lounging or exploring the historical sights. The preferred location of the Czech Canada today allows you to easily cross the border and tourist trips on the stretch of Lower Austria.

In many respects, it is therefore still valid First Czechoslovakia Republic advertising slogan designed vacationers and tourists:

„Czech Canada - According to statistics from one climate the healthiest parts of the country.“

We are looking forward to visit us and you. Valtinov i Slavonice are available to you.

Ceska Kanada – Czech Canada – Tips for excursions

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Photo: Valtinov of Havel Mountains. Kindly provided by Ondrej Sidor

The rugged region with wild romantic twists forest ponds for several generations, called Czech Canada, is one of the tourist destinations grateful Czech Republic. It's a romantic area of forest ponds and meadows alternating Highlands. Czech Canada (or Bohemian Canada) can be placed on the border between South Bohemia, southwest of Moravia and Lower Austria. Most often today is bordered by the city of Nova Bystrice from the south-west, south-east of the town Slavonice and municipalities Kunzak (Valtinov) from the north..

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