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Prises and Order of the Accommodation | Valtínov

Accommodation in the Course of Summer Season (June - August)

During this year´s season we are giving preference to one-week stays in the Boarding house Klondike that means the accommodation from Saturday till Saturday. During the summer season the breakfast is included in price of the accommodation (It does not apply to persons who are accommodated in apartment). The below mentioned prices apply to the accommodation both in the boarding house and the apartment.

Accommodation off Summer Season (September - May)

Off the summer season you can have duration of your stays as you choose. Accommodation out of the summer season does not include the breakfast. We do catering by prior arrangement as well as the operation of the restaurant. At the same time the accommodated persons can find in both wings of the boarding house a refrigerator, jug kettle and dish for preparation of the breakfast. The below mentioned prices apply to accommodation in boarding house and in apartment.

Year-round cancellation fees: Up to 1 month prior to arrival = 50% off, up to 1 week prior to arrival = 100% of the price.

Order of Accommodation - House Klondike, Valtínov, Czech Republic

If you have sent off this accommodation order to our address you have at the same time booked your reservation of the accommodation in the Boarding house Klondike for the time that you have mentioned. We shall confirm your order to your e-mail address that you have stated. By this confirmation the order becomes effective. If some of the indicated terms will be later unexpectedly changed it is necessary to cancel the order.

Contacts E-mail: neradovamakyna@seznam.cz Telephone No.: +420 608 632 330, +420 774 309 020 Penzion Klondike – Address Marketa a Jiri Neradovi Valtínov No. 25 378 53 Strmilov The official data about the operator Id. number: 69098085 Markéta Neradová Vlastkovec 1 378 81 Slavonice The operator is enrolled in the trade register Cj.: 3303/03/99/0290, C. ev.: 330303-8898-00.  The day of the origin of the certification: 22. 2. 1999.