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Offer of the Accommodation | Slavonice, Neradova.com

The cradle of the Renaissance has been the Italian city Florence. You need not travel far away to see a well-preserved Renaissance town. The unique experience coming from the antic Renaissance in many forms will provide you the town Slavonice (in German Zlabings) as well. It is not far from you and is waiting for the discovery. The accommodation is being prepared for you.

We are offering you an accommodation in four rooms. The total capacity of the Guest house Slavonice is 16 beds. All the rooms have the own bathroom/WC, room equipment with a storage space as well as the TV (without SAT). The parking is possible near the object.

All the accommodated guests can make use of the common kitchen which is placed on the first floor of the Guest house. The kitchen is equipped with a double hotplate electric cooker, refrigerator, microwave oven, jug kettle, kitchen utensils, table and a bench. The instant and drip coffee is also available.

Accommodation in smaller rooms

On the first floor of our Guest house are two one-room accommodations (every with its own bathroom). These rooms are ideal for the families with little children but also for the couples or three- or four-member groups.

Room No. 1 - One double bed, folding bed (two standard beds), in total 4 beds.

Room No. 2 - One double bed, folding bed (one standard bed, alternatively also the second one),in total 4 beds.

Accommodation in more spacious rooms

On the second floor of our Guest house are two double-room units, each again with its own bathroom. The appropriate accommodation can be suitable, for example, for families with adult children who will appreciate the partial self-reliance.

Room No. 3 - One room is with a double bed, the other one with folding bed (two standard beds) in total 4 beds.

Room No. 4 - One room is with a double bed, the other one with a double bed too, in total 4 beds.

Our prices are favorable. More can be found in our price list.


In the whole Guest house is the smoking as well as the stay and running around of the dogs forbidden.

At the departure it is necessary to vacate the rooms till 10:00 o´clock.

Thank you for your understanding.