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If you prefer historic town, take advantage of our holiday home in the Renaissance city Slavonice. The town has all amenities and a variety of tourist grateful historical monuments. You will sleep in romantic scenes of Slavonice directly under the tower. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and historical monuments Czech Canada. Slavonice city center is only a mile from the border. For our holiday home so you can easily visit places of interest in the Austrian frontier.

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Rural lovers, we offer accommodation in the middle of nature. Our Pension Klondike stands on the edge of the picturesque village Valtinov. Enjoy the tranquility of nature in Ceska Canada, where you can indulge in hiking (hiking, biking, etc.), or pick mushrooms. You do not even doing anything. - Just relax. You can swim in the pool at the house, and in the surrounding ponds (Zvule, Komornik, etc.) or at the swimming pool city Dacice (15 km) or in Hradec Henry (20 km). The tower above the village is a wonderful view of the surroundings.

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Contact us and let us know what room we have prepared for you. Of city Slavonice and from Valtinov Czech Canada can travel many diverse and attractive ways. - Walk, bike, motor transport and rail. - We are looking for local and foreign tourists and vacationers.

City Slavonice, it is Czech Florence

Slavonice are often the adjective „Renaissance Pearl of the Highlands“ or „small Telc with spa atmosphere,“ or as the „Florence of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands“ - Keeping in mind the fact that it was Florence, Italy was once the cradle of the Renaissance.

City Slavonice is located in the district of Jindrichuv Hradec, in the part of South Moravian Region. The once rich city in 1760 got off the main traffic routes. Then the townspeople Slavonice regret. The traffic died down and the city development has virtually stopped. Today, because we can but admire original renaissance town center Slavonice. Historically and tourism is extremely tempting! - As if time has stood still here and it is the largest asset Slavonic, said the unique atmosphere of the city known Czech architect David Vavra, known from the Cellar Theatre.

For its uniquely preserved Renaissance architecture of townhouses and historic integrity of the compact Slavonice have become a popular film location. Perhaps the most important film, which was shot in the backdrop of the city, the two-part epic Journey of John Amos Comenius. An epic drama about the life of Comenius here in 1983 filmed the excellent Czech director Otakar Vavra and actor Ladislav Chudík and other famous actors. In later years, there arose such as dreamy poetic film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders by theme, the Statue (1970), Les drama Dead (2009). His own film but you can Slavonice experience and you…

City Slavonice - Quiet location and an ideal starting point for trips

Do you want to stop for a moment? Then a visit to the Renaissance city Slavonice the best choice. In Slavonice Train peaceful, almost spa atmosphere. Tourists there is neither little nor too much, so relaxing comfortable doing.

Slavonice Train also an ideal starting point for excursions. So if you want a good rest if you want that much to see and you also want to stay really enjoy, stay in Slavonice.

Of Slavonic you can strike out on trips to Canada Czech forests, castles and palaces of South Bohemia, or to places of interest in Lower Austria. Great experience but will give you a tour of the city itself already Slavonice. If you want to see everything the city offers, you can take several days.

Slavonice - Renaissance pearl Highlands

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Slavonice (Zlabings) and one of the leading domestic tourist destination. The city is known for its peaceful atmosphere, thanks to which you can comfortably recreate. It is also an ideal starting point for excursions into the surrounding area. Just outside the city begins to the west Czech Canada. One kilometer to the south is a large forest border region of Lower Austria, aptly called Forest Quarter (Waldviertel). Slavonice are common on the borders of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria. Cycling and hiking there is only blooms! Come to unwind, relax or play sports too!

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