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Take advantage of our affordable accommodation in Czech Canada

If you prefer historic town, take advantage of our holiday home in the Renaissance city Slavonice. The town has all amenities and a variety of tourist grateful historical monuments. You will sleep in romantic scenes of Slavonice directly under the tower. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and historical monuments Czech Canada. Slavonice city center is only a mile from the border. For our holiday home so you can easily visit places of interest in the Austrian frontier.

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Rural lovers, we offer accommodation in the middle of nature. Our Pension Klondike stands on the edge of the picturesque village Valtinov. Enjoy the tranquility of nature in Ceska Canada, where you can indulge in hiking (hiking, biking, etc.), or pick mushrooms. You do not even doing anything. - Just relax. You can swim in the pool at the house, and in the surrounding ponds (Zvule, Komornik, etc.) or at the swimming pool city Dacice (15 km) or in Hradec Henry (20 km). The tower above the village is a wonderful view of the surroundings.

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Contact us and let us know what room we have prepared for you. Of city Slavonice and from Valtinov Czech Canada can travel many diverse and attractive ways. - Walk, bike, motor transport and rail. - We are looking for local and foreign tourists and vacationers.

Great location city Slavonice (Zlabings) near the border with Lower Austria allows that all vacationers staying in Slavonice or nearby can organize excursions to interesting border areas neighboring state. And it's just as well! After all, even a hundred years ago was communication between the two border regions very much alive. Both regions have a long history together cohesive. Use it for its tourist treks, cycling or any other trips.

A long czech-austrian history

Today Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) is one of the Länder states of Austria. Despite the name of Lower Austria on the map do not lie down, but at the top, ie the northern part of the country, which borders the Czech Republic. Tourist attractions in neighboring Lower Austria therefore at your fingertips.

Tourist grateful object as Peigarten beautifully restored mansion, situated just 16 km from the town of Slavonice. Directly experiential feast where you can gaze over the city Austria Thaya (Raabs an der Thaya), located 24 km from the Slavonice. In the city and its nebližším you can visit two regional museums, medieval castle Raabs an der Thaya and two romantic ruins. The ruins of the castle Kollmitz one of the largest of its kind in Austria. The romantic castle ruins Eibenstein again impresses with its unexpected mystique.

Czechs and Moravians went in the 18th and 19 century in Vienna and other locations in Lower Austria for work. Many in the Austrian border remained and formed the Czech colony, so the lawyer Josef Urban could write in 1895: „Significant is the linguistic character of Lower Austria that in them is not a single district office where the Czechs did not live in larger or smaller numbers.“ Persons Czech speaking to the early 20th century, the Lower Austrian key national minority. For many place- names in the Austrian border are sometimes still used and old Czech equivalents..

Hiking in the Austrian border - How to Travel

Take advantage of the favorable location, which is close to the border, is linked to the history of Czech territory and is easily accessible. You can live in Czech city Slavonice tourist destinations but you can have in Austria. In addition to hiking in the immediate vicinity of the border for trips longer practical to use either a car, bike or foot - if your domain cycling. In town over Thaya Austria also inserted several times daily regular bus service Raabs an der Thaya - Telc, which stops also in Slavonice. For more information, visit the Web site operator. Take advantage of the Lower Austria (Lower Austria - Niederösterreich) at your fingertips. If you spend your holiday in Slavonice, or in the village Valtinov, interesting and rewarding tourist sites in the border region of Austria at your fingertips.

Hiking trips in the border of Lower Austria

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Stay in the Czech-Moravian borderland and travel to exciting locations in Lower Austria. By staying in the Czech Republic and save in the border region of Austria as in the cross-border tourism lot you'll see!

Austrian border - the wooded area aptly called Forest Quarter (Waldviertel) with castles and ruins - will offer great hiking experiences.

Accommodation in the historic border town Slavonice


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