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Take advantage of our affordable accommodation in Czech Canada

If you prefer historic town, take advantage of our holiday home in the Renaissance city Slavonice. The town has all amenities and a variety of tourist grateful historical monuments. You will sleep in romantic scenes of Slavonice directly under the tower. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and historical monuments Czech Canada. Slavonice city center is only a mile from the border. For our holiday home so you can easily visit places of interest in the Austrian frontier.

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Rural lovers, we offer accommodation in the middle of nature. Our Pension Klondike stands on the edge of the picturesque village Valtinov. Enjoy the tranquility of nature in Ceska Canada, where you can indulge in hiking (hiking, biking, etc.), or pick mushrooms. You do not even doing anything. - Just relax. You can swim in the pool at the house, and in the surrounding ponds (Zvule, Komornik, etc.) or at the swimming pool city Dacice (15 km) or in Hradec Henry (20 km). The tower above the village is a wonderful view of the surroundings.

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Contact us and let us know what room we have prepared for you. Of city Slavonice and from Valtinov Czech Canada can travel many diverse and attractive ways. - Walk, bike, motor transport and rail. - We are looking for local and foreign tourists and vacationers.

Czech Canada (in Czech Ceska Kanada) is a unique nature locality on the border South Bohemia and Southwest Moravia. This region is approximately defined with the towns Nová Bystrice (in the old German Neu Bistritz), Slavonice (Zlabings) and with the village Kunzak (Königseck). It is really a magic region which is suitable for cycle tourism, hiking and swimming. You can get to know the new sites and historical monuments. The favourable position of Czech Canada enables also the trips to near neighbouring country Lower Austria.

Where then your this year´s holiday will take place? If you are looking for a high-quality accommodation with a good price then certainly Czech Canada will not disappoint you. On the contrary, the Czech Canada and Valtínov (Walterschlag) will gain your heart. You can achieve it during this year´s vacation. Accept, please, my invitation to find accommodation in one of the most romantic site of Czech Republic. Our Boarding house Klondike is to your services.

High-quality Modern Accommodation in Czech Canada

Our Boarding house Klondike is situated in a peaceful marginal part of the village Valtínov, in direction of the route Dacice - Jindrichuv Hradec (Datschitz - Neuhaus). The Boarding house is situated about 50 meters from the street and is so away from the vehicular traffic. Come and find accommodation on the ideal site for interesting trips to Czech Canada.

In the Boarding house Klondike an accommodation is prepared for you in the pleasant rooms with option of extra bed, alternatively in apartment. If you take advantage of our accommodation you can park right on the estate of boarding house. Of course, storage of the bicycles is possible. During the summer season there is available a restaurant with a sit-down on the terrace for all accommodated guests in the Boarding house Klondike. The terrace can be used for lunches as well suppers, for the company and family actions, including various celebrations and parties. As our gests you have at disposal also a basin of the boarding house ( 8 × 4 meters), further a tennis court and a pitch for the foot tennis and volleyball.

Come to Valtínov and Make sure that it is true

Valtínov is a Moravian village with a very age-old history. It lies in height 601 meters above sea level. It is a smaller village with approximately 130 residents. As a local tourist attraction there are two churches, catholic and evangelic, (both from the beginning of 20th century) and also a conciliation stone cross. In the direction to the village Radíkov you can see the so called old woman´s stone. In the surroundings of the village Valtínov you can find just several stones with bowls and very remarkable stony grouping.

The environs of the village are interesting also from the point of view of the nature monuments. The village Valtínov is surrounded with the forest from all sides. Near the village there is a large peat bog and an abundant cover of the junipers. A new great attraction of Valtínov is the spanking new lookout tower on the hill, that is called Havlova hora (Havel´s mountain), which is rising in the height 680meters over the village. Right from Valtínov one can see from such a height the whole Czech Canada very well.

Our prices are favorable. More can be found in our price list.

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